Tommy Ellis Goes To Sea

Tommy Ellis goes to sea Book 1 of the tommy ellis trilogy

Gripping adventure on the high seas for kids and adults alike. The first of the Tommy Ellis Trilogy, Tommy, a schoolboy, goes on a three week fishing trip with his father, a trawler skipper. He is hoping to get to know and, hopefully, form a bond with his father, the man he calls Dad, the man who comes home only for a couple of days every three weeks before going back to sea again. Tommy's journey takes him beyond the Arctic Circle to the deep sea fishing grounds around Bear Island. He learns to deal with an impatient cook, suspicious crew members, an unusual stowaway, asthma, icebergs, storms, a brief encounter with the Russians, and the dangers on board, including a serious accident involving one of the members of the crew. However, will he re-live the terrible nightmare he has the night before they sail?

Tommy Ellis Heads North West

Gripping adventure in the freezing waters of our polar regions. Deep Sea Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Some say it is THE most dangerous job in the world.

Tommy Ellis is on his second trip on the trawler, Stella Vega. They head across the North Atlantic Ocean to the fishing grounds of the Davis Straight, off the west coast of Greenland.

Tommy has read books describing the fate of past explorers in search of the Northwest Passage and is reminded of the hardships they endured when also he experiences ice and fog and has close encounters with the wildlife. Sadly, he also has to cope with loss of life.

However, he is glad to be reunited with familiar faces and to meet new members of the crew, but will he get along with the Mate's son, Robert, who joins them for the trip?

Tommy Ellis Fisherman

Tommy Ellis Fisherman completes the Tommy Ellis Trilogy. It is a book written in two parts.


Part one takes place in 1963. Tommy is sixteen years old, he has left school and embarks on his first trip as a paid crew member on the trawler Stella Vega. He is the Deckie Learner, (Deck Apprentice), and eager to start work. But how prepared is he for the gruelling eighteen-hour shifts, Icelandic gunboats and a stowaway, all the while under the supervision of the Bosun, a mean obnoxious taskmaster?


Part two takes in 1973. Ten years have passed and Tommy Ellis is Skipper. It is January and we follow Tommy and his crew back to the fishing grounds around Iceland. Apart from the freezing Arctic winter temperatures, ice and snow, they must also deal with Icelandic gunboats. It is the Cod Wars. A dangerous and testing time for the fishermen. How does Tommy deal with being fired at as well as attempts to board his trawler?